Two Picture Tuesday

This is blurry.
 It was clearly taken in the dish detergent aisle of Target (which I forgot to buy).
And it might be my new favorite picture.
Abigail was being the biggest brat in all the land on Saturday.
 After telling her to sit down about 89374 times, I gave up and put her in the big section of the cart. And then she stood up some more. And then tried to climb out.
Just as I took my phone out to take a picture to send to Billy of his daughter (because at this point, I wasn't claiming her as my own)being a disaster, she SCREAMED/SHRIEKED at the top of her lungs, 'MOMMYYYYY!'. & I laughed..... hysterically. 
She is my most favorite person ever!

This morning I got myself up to workout.
Even though I would rather have driven myself to the dentist for a 6am root canal.
I did it.
And I wore this shirt because I knew the rest of the day would consist of me complaining to anyone that would listen that 'I'm so tired!'.
Happy Tuesday!

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