Weekend of the 4th!

What a weekend we had...
I almost feel guilty saying that we had a good time, considering there are some sad things happening in our lives right now. I promise to elaborate later and not be so vague but for now, lets focus on the photos I managed to snap to remember Abigail's 2nd forth of July weekend! 

I just love Abigail's school. During the summer they really make a point to have as much fun as possible while still following the curriculum and structure they have set up, which is why we enrolled her in this school. 
On Thursday, the school was having a 4th of July parade and each class had a different theme. Her classes theme was Soldiers. All the kiddos dressed in camo for the 10am parade and then at 4pm the teachers set up the cutest classroom party that the parents were invited to :) 

We headed off to the beach condo that my parents were renting for the past 2 weeks in Palm Coast, Florida. I mentioned it here, but this place is absolutely beautiful and we LOVED being there! 

We spent a few hours laying by the pool, going down the slide and floating down the lazy river before Abigail made it clear she had had enough fun in the sun for one day. We got back to our condo and she took the most epic 4 hour nap. Thanks baby! 

Playtime, dinner and baths happened next and I snapped my new favorite picture :) 
I can't wait to print this one, frame it and hang it in our bathroom. 

Billy was working this weekend and decided that he would make the commute back and forth to work for the weekend to be able to spend as much time out with us as possible. He arrived at the condo late Friday night, just in time to see ONE firework go off, very far away. 

Breakfast in bed happened every morning. 

We made our way back out to the pool Saturday morning for another morning of slides, lazy rivers and sand pools. Abigail also decided now was a good time to take up baby yoga... not sure where she picked this up from, but she was doing it ALL weekend. She also starting waving to everyone she saw which might be the cutest thing in the world (you know, after the last thing I said was the cutest thing in the world). 

Daddy was with us for the morning so mama got to sit on a lounge chair for like 6 minutes ;) 

After naps and daddy left for work, we took a stroll down to the beach. 
Of course, the second I let go of A's hand, she plopped her butt down on the ground and covered it with sand and seashells. 
On our way back, Abigail was sitting in her stroller and I looked down and saw her foot in her mouth........ eating all of the seashells. Perfect. 

We checked out on Sunday, but went down to the pools for another couple of hours before we packed it in. 

We had fun, but we are SO happy to be back home. We spent the rest of the day yesterday cleaning and doing laundry so we could wake up and feel a bit 'back to normal'. 
I have the day off of work today and we are heading out soon to go visit some family for the day!

And I'll leave you with a few things/questions-- 

1. I am thinking of changing the blog name. Once we have another kid (no, not pregnant) it isn't going to really be relevant anymore. I want to buy my domain and really start to get this thing going, but don't want to do that with a name that isn't going to be relevant forever. Any ideas? 

2. I'm thinking about starting a new series on the blog called 'What I Wore Wednesday' and feature and outfit a week to give you a glimpse of real life around here. Interested? 

3. How was your holiday weekend?? Leave a comment below letting me know the fun things you did! 



  1. She's getting so big and such a cutie Jenn, hard to believe how fast time flies! Your pics are cool, very unique. Hope all is well with you.