What I Wore - Wednesday

So it's week one of this little series I decided I was going to do here every week & to be quite honest with you, its probably going to be the last. It's too much commitment & I like to kind of roll with the punches of this blog and post whatever I want, when I want. That being said, if I put together a particular outfit that I am quite proud of, because lets be honest if I get out of pajamas in the morning, its a good day... I'll post it. 

Vest || Maxi Dress; no longer available (Similar here, here and here). || Earrings 

I'm currently completely obsessed with this jean vest and wear it with pretty much anything I can get away with. 
The dress was a random find while I was at SAMs Club shopping for things that you would typically buy from SAMs... you know, toilet paper & extra large bottles of ketchup. I snagged it up as fast as I could and LOVE it! It's the most comfortable dress I own. It also makes these Florida summers a little more bearable... if I don't have to wear pants, it's a winner in my book. 

What's your favorite go-to outfit for the summer?! 


  1. A maxi dress or skirt, with loose tops - beats trying to fight the south ga heat!

    Have a fantastic Wednesday!

    1. The heat can be so unbearable! Maxi dresses to the rescue! ;) xoxo