Getting You Up To Speed

Since I decided I needed a little break from this space of mine, which if you follow me on Facebook you already knew, I'm catching you up today with a recap from both last weekend & this week/weekend. 

Last Friday was outside art day at A's school. I thought the best part was going to be seeing her in an oversized t-shirt trying to use a paintbrush, however the 'art' she brought home was so perfect that I bought a huge frame for it and it is now hanging in our living room.

We've picked up a juicing habit & I don't hate it one bit. 
This concoction was peaches, carrots, apples & spinach. It was absolutely delicious. 

This kid loves her apple flavored coconut water! 

My people of wal-mart. 
(Side note: I hate wal-mart) 

We spent last Sunday over at my best friends house. 
We swam, ate, drank & relaxed in hammocks. 
It was perfect.  

She's my favorite ;) 

& now to catch you up on the past week... 

Abigail had Pirate Day at school. 

we did some more juicing.. 

Abigail & her best leaving school on Friday! 

We spent Saturday at the farmers market before Billy had to leave us to go to work. 

And once A went to bed, this girl was my company for the evening. 
She was totally boring ;) 

I was feeling more than a little stir crazy come Sunday, so after I made us some non-microwaveable waffles & even though they were out of town, we headed over to my parents house to use their pool & grill up some lunch.  

We ended our weekend with a walk to the park (where A got her first set of bloody, scraped knees and a fat lip), a run back home (obviously not my idea & yes, I almost died) and a Fresh Market dinner.

Hope your week/weekend was perfection! 


  1. Sounds like lots of fun memories were made! And great pictures too! Love the blog Jen! Keep up the great work baby! Love momma