How to make the PERFECT hard boiled eggs!

I have a totally random post for you guys, but I'm telling you if you like hard boiled eggs, I'm about to change your life! 

When we were at the grocery store this week, I told Billy that I wanted to pick up a dozen eggs to hard boil for the week. Well, once we got home I didn't feel like making them anymore. They are such a pain! AND THEN I remember something I saw on Pinterest.... Oven Baked Hard Boiled Eggs! 
They were so incredibly easy and came out absolutely perfect, so I knew I had to share. 

-- Instructions --
Set your oven to 325 degrees.
Plop the eggs into a muffin pan. No liner required. 
Set your timer for 30 minutes. 
Make yourself a big bowl of ice water. 
When the timer goes off, plop the eggs into the ice bath. 

Set your timer again for 10 minutes. 
When your timer goes off, peel them! 

Seriously, its that easy. 
Theres no boiling water, no turning off the heat, covering, not covering...etc. 

Side Note -- this will make life so much easier at Easter!! ;) 

Have a good day friends, XOXO! 

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