Where I've Been & a Photo Dump

It was brought to my attention today (thanks, dad) that I haven't posted anything in a hot minute, so here I am. And I'm bringing you the worlds worst post. Aka dumping my iPhone camera roll, writing a few captions & calling it a day. 
CONFESSION (does this count for my link up, A Blonde Ambition?!), I just haven't felt like writing lately. I always told myself that this blog is meant to be fun. If there was ever a time that I wasn't having fun, I wouldn't write. So I haven't written. But I feel like I'm back now ;) 
To get me (and you!) caught up and back on track, here's what you've missed -
|| Side note, if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you probably haven't missed much ||

|| billy & I have been working out a lot. We are competing in the Savage Race in October with a fun group of friends, so we are 'training' in an attempt to not die ||

|| abigail has had no shortage of ear infections. & each time, the doctors office is a total shit show. Girl hates that place ||

|| we documented Billy's last day in his twenties ;) ||

|| we didn't do anything huge on his birthday, since I bought him a vacation in September & mama isn't made of money...but I did heat up make him some dinner and picked up some delicious desserts to enjoy || 

|| Abigail is rocking this mullet-ish hairstyle lately. I love love double love looking at it from the back, but it is a serious mess in the front || 

|| we had a REAL date night this past Saturday. It's unheard of since Billy always works super late Saturday nights, but he had this one off so we took advantage of it. We had drinks on Park Ave. and dinner at Del Friscos/Christners || 

|| & in case you didn't catch it in the photo above, I chopped off all my hair and gave it a little ombré action ||

|| we celebrated B's birthday with the whole family on Sunday at a place in town called Firkin & Keglers. It is a bowling/arcade/amusement park type of place, pretty similar to Dave and Busters. ||

|| scuba Steve ||

|| girl loves the pool. See also: girl always has an ear infection || 

|| and rounding out the photo dump with this cute shot of my baby helping cook dinner the other night. She is getting seriously good at using a fork and spoon :) ||

Ok guys, thanks for sticking with me even when I don't blog for 14 years.
 I'll try not to let it happen again ;) 



  1. Came over to say hi from Leslie's.
    Date's are awesome, I was just thinking I need a date night very soon.
    Have a great weekend

  2. Stopping by from the linkup. Your family is adorable! Love that you got a date night with your hubby as I definitely know how hard those can be with a little one!