Let's play catch-up!

I've been the worst excuse for a blogger, lately.
Life hasn't really stopped going 100mph in the past couple of weeks and it got the best of me in the form of radio silence and lots of stress.
So, what have we been up to?
Let's get started..
Abigail had her Back to School photos done at school (<---- click there to see them) and they provided prop glasses to use and she wouldn't put them on. But the second WE are playing and she see that my glasses are within reach, she grabs them and puts them on her face.
This little stink face kills me.

We had Nathan's 6th (WHAT?!) Birthday party at Bounce U two weekends ago.
Familiar? Well, if not.. its an indoor park filled with bounce houses. Regular houses, obstacle courses, slides, boxing rings, shooting games and a room fully glow in the dark with all of those things, too!
I'm 148% positive that the adults had more fun and more injuries than the kids. We ALL still have matching rug burns on our elbows and I'm confident I broke my back in some way.
It was also made pretty apparent that the Savage Race me, Billy, our two best friends and the rest of my family are doing at the end of October is going to be a total disaster. If you're reading this, Savage Race... go ahead and get the defibrillator all warmed up. #clear!
The weather is still unbearably hot in Florida and will probably stay that way until January.
On days when Billy goes to work and it's just me and the babe, we get super stir crazy. I have to strategically plan when we go outside to play so that we don't roast in 4.2 seconds.
& then we proceed to send Billy 1000 photos and make him miss us ;)
Publix started selling Evolution Fresh juices!
& this is the face I make when I have to go pick up Abigail from daycare in the rain for the 300th time. Us mamas & dads are SO over trying to get our babies secured into their carseats while getting soaked.
This is also the face I make when I see a mother pull into a handicapped spot at the front of daycare without a handicap permit just because they don't want to get wet going in and out with their kids. Good example you are, ladies and gents!

Hope your week is off to a fabulous start & check me out, two posts in a row!
Can we make it a third?!


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