Scenes From the Weekend

Well hey there, friends! 
I know it's been a while so I'm going to play catch-up tomorrow on all things missed since I last checked in. I promise to get back to posting regularly, life has just been so busy lately! 

Speaking of busy, this weekend was no exception. Although it was one of the best weekends I've had in a very long time! 

Here's a peek--

I'm starting with Thursday for the simple reason that I adore this photo. 
Nathan (my nephew) and Abigail attend the same school. He is in the private school portion and she is obviously in the daycare portion. I absolutely love that they get to go to school together and love even more that every time Nathan passes A's class, he looks for her and that Abigail's phenomenal teachers always take her down to his class to see him! 
Thursday, I ran into my mom at school. She was picking Nathan up and I decided to walk with her. When we got to Nathan's classroom, I let A run free for a minute. We showed her where Nathan's desk was and she wanted to climb right up into the seat. 
She is growing up way too fast & my heart can barely stand it! 

After 2 very stressful weeks at work, this past Friday was a day that couldn't have come fast enough.
Billy & I and my sister and her husband all had tickets to go to the Luke Bryan concert in Tampa.
We took a limo just to make the night super fun and stress free which turned out to be an excellent idea because it took us a little over FOUR hours to get to Tampa because of the weather and the resulting traffic.
We ended up missing his first opening act, Cole Swindell and most of his second opening act, Lee Brice (which I am SO bummed about!!). We made it for Lee Brice's last song and then of course all of Luke Bryan.
So here's the thing, people... I've been to a lot of concerts. A LOT.
Luke Bryan just may have been the very best concert I have ever been to!
If you like country music, tight pants and a good time... go see him. You won't regret it!
After the concert, we went across the street to the Hardrock Hotel & Casino.
I walked in with $6 and left with $102!
Successful night, I say! ;)
I don't have any pictures from Saturday because the day was spent in PJ's, on the couch with greasy food & gatorade.
Moving right along...
Sunday was fantastic!
Sunday was the day that my parents were flying back home from the quickest trip ever to and from Boston. What were they doing in Boston, you ask?
Bringing my Grampa home!!
Well, his new home at least.
He is officially living in Florida and we all could not be happier!
We are only a 10 minute drive from him now instead of a 3 hour plane ride and we are going to visit him later on this afternoon.
We all went to the airport on Sunday to meet my parents and grampa when they were getting off the plane.
We took selfies until they showed up ;) and then didn't get a single photo after that because once we saw them coming, it was a mad dash to the parking garage. The oxygen concentrator that he was using was running low on battery so my dad had to rush him to the car to get him plugged in. But he's happy to be here, with all of us and we can't wait to spend as much time with his as possible!
Also, Abigail's pigtails were killing me yesterday!

Check back tomorrow to see what I've been up to the last week or so!

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