(two)Weekend Lookback

So with everything that happened last week (if you don't know what I'm talking about, click here to read about it), I took a timeout from the blog and never got around to doing a weekend recap from Labor Day weekend.
So, better late than never, here is a photo dump from labor day weekend (and a few from the days leading up to it)!!
We played an intense game of dress up.

Took hair pulling, sleepy eyed selfies.

Hung out with our cousins.
Worked on our duck face.
I made Abigail give me a massage step on my back & she had the greatest time ever.  

I wrote 'swim diapers' on my shopping list.

We made a trip to Ikea for a kids table and chairs and a step stool.
Two Items.
We left with at least 15 things.

& an Ikea trip isn't complete without a stop at 4Rivers on the way home.
First dinner at the new table!
Baby girl had a random one day fever. Which was perfect because I really needed some snuggle time this night. This was Monday night :(
She got side eyes from both me and Sophie.
Abigail, that's not how we do it.
And now you're all caught up!
Come back tomorrow to find out where I'll be vacationing for the next 4 days!

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