all the FALL things..

3pm yesterday, daycare called me and told me that Abigail wasn't feeling well. So I hightailed it to school and picked her up. I knew she really didn't feel good when we got home and all she wanted to do was watch TV and cuddle. We are heading to the doctor first thing this morning and then most likely heading back home for more snuggles and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
I'm working double time today and doing a few favorites and a few confessions.
Favorite: Abigail had her Fall Pictures at school on Tuesday. They had a cute setup with pumpkins, scarecrows and bales of hay so naturally, I dressed her in overalls. I added in some pigtails for good measure and called it a day.
Confession: I don't even care how the pictures turn out. She looked so damn cute in her outfit, I'll never forget it anyway ;) Also, those might be the worst pigtails....ever. Also, can someone please buy and send me a new pair of Freshly Picked Moccs? Clearly, those have seen better days. #buzzyourgirlfriend #woof
Favorite: Wednesday night, I was at home with Abigail and I was getting her dinner ready while she was eating a snack at her table. #piglet
All of a sudden, I heard our garage door start to open. Once I put the thought that a murderer had magically figured out the code to our garage door opener out of my mind, I muttered the words 'NO WAY' somewhere in the direction of Abigail and in walks Billy, fully loaded with wine and steaks to grill for dinner. He was home a full two hours early which meant I got help putting Abigail to bed. It may not seem like much to most people, but when you are rocking night 5 riding solo, it means the world.
Confession: I snapped this picture without Billy knowing. He doesn't get to experience moments like these often because his work schedule keeps him away most nights around bedtime. He was so happy to sit with her and read her book after book after book.
Favorite: I finally had Billy take down our fall themed box from the attic and was able to add some festive things to the house. I'm loving the way things are starting to come together.
Confession: That metal tin is filled to the top with candy. The best kinds of candy. Candy that is made for trick or treaters... in two weeks. Candy that probably won't make it until October 31st.
Just keepin' it real, ya'll.

Favorite: I made Abigail a festive snack yesterday after she came home sick. Boo Bananas! She loved them and I added the straw/stick so she could eat it like a popsicle.
Confession: I hate bananas.

Cheers to the weekend, loves!

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  1. Those pumpkins are so cute! And pshhh that candy wouldn't make it past a week in my house. Thanks so much for linking up! Enjoy the weekend :)