Our Halloween

Hi friends! It's practically Wednesday and I'm just now getting a chance to sit down and write about our Halloween! 
We have been going non-stop and time got away from me. But we're here now, so let's get to it, shall we?
First things first..... Blog people, meet my cupcake! 

|| Costume is from Target. I added the tutu just for fun ||

Halloween was a happily hectic day. I had plans for what seemed like every hour of the day starting with a haunted house and festive potluck at work. 
Each year, my office puts on a fabulous Haunted House (seriously, it's so good and SO scary!) which raises money/donations for a local charity. And each year I get forced into walking through it even though I absolutely HATE being scared! I am an absolute basket case each year and I'm pretty sure my friends at work make me go through it because they know I'm such a good time. 
Right as my workday ended, I headed off to Abigail's school for her Halloween Party. 
It was a blast and her teachers (who I absolutely adore!!! Hi girls!) did such an amazing job with the decorations and food. They work so hard and take such good care of my baby girl :) 

Abigail & one of her teachers during their parade Friday morning. 

Just a portion of the adorable food they put together for all of the kids & their parents--

Abigail & Minnie Mouse Miss Cat :)

After the Halloween party, we headed outside to the school's parking lot for Trunk or Treating! A handful of parents and teachers decorated their cars and handed out candy to all the kids participating. Abigail absolutely loved it! Once she realized that she was getting treats from each car, I couldn't keep up with her!
Abigail with Miss Areli & Miss Kaitlyn :)

After trunk or treating, we headed off to the nursing home to go visit my grandfather so he could see Abigail in her costume. I love that we get to share these moments with him now!
Next up was Chick-fil-a for dinner and then Trick or Treating at my parents house!
By this point, Abigail & I were both absolutely exhausted, but I was determined for her to hit at least a few houses.
I don't know if she was more excited to ring the doorbells or see that she was getting even more candy, but she was sprinting from house to house. We visited 5 or 6 houses and then called it a night.

 By the time I got us home and Abigail ready for bed, I was so beat I never even turned my lights on to hand out candy. Instead, I grabbed the bucket of kit kats and snickers and got cozy with my DVR until Billy got home.

And I should probably mention that when Billy did come home, he said he had a surprise for me and took me outside. To which he opened up his trunk and showed me THE KEG he brought home. Umm, what?!

Bottoms up, guys!

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  1. Remember the Halloween year you were home alone and someone knocked on your door and you thought it was me. Lol😉 I think about that every year