You may have missed it, but a week ago I posted about the wedding all of my family and I attended for one of my cousins. 

It was beautiful, we all had an amazing time and my Papa was there. He promised Katie, the bride, that he would be. And he was. And we all danced and laughed and soaked in every moment. 

24 hours later, my Papa passed away. 
We all knew it was coming, he had been sick for a while. But that doesn't make any of this easier, by a long shot. 

10 kids, 19 grandchildren and 21 great grandchildren.  And I can't remember the last time even half of us were in the same room together. But that is exactly what happened on Friday; celebrating his life

We told stories, laughed, cried (a lot) & drank a ton of Irish whiskey (I'm lookin' at you Dad and Uncle Jack ;) ), his favorite. 

He loved wine, playing cheating at dominos, finding family members we never even knew existed and had traveled to approximately 4 bajillion different places around the world. 
He served our country and helped raise an enormous and at most times, dysfunctional family. 

He was one of the greatest men & I am so proud to call him my Papa. 

He will be forever missed & never ever forgotten. 


  1. Jen that was beautiful! I love it and papa would too! I love you momma ❤️

  2. You were so lucky to have such a wonderful man to call your Papa. Keep all of the memories in your heart and he'll always be with you. <3 me