Abigail's Holiday Party!

Abigail's school Holiday Party was last Thursday and her teachers did SUCH a great job on it that I had to document and show you all!
They transformed the entire room into a Gingerbread house, complete with a candy bar, gingerbread cookie making station and gifts for all the kids and parents!

She wanted nothing to do with putting down the TWO cookies in her hand and made due with drinking her juice with her wrists. 
Abigail & her four teachers. We love you, girls!!

Each child got a gingerbread man sippy cup, a gingerbread house filled with an ornament, book and candy canes & the parents got their childs footprint in the form of a Christmas tree on a canvas. I absolutely LOVE it!! 
& then on the way home, she ripped her shoes off, smacked her foot on the door, screamed 'ouchie boo boo!' and then proceeded to kiss her boo boo... over and over and over again. She kills me!
Merry Christmas Eve!!

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