Holiday Photos 2014

Another season, another batch of photos courtesy of Abigail's daycare! I've said it before & I'll say it again, I love, love, love that they offer this to us! Sometimes the pictures turn out to be completely terrible and sometimes they turn out fantastic (like this batch!) but for $20, it's worth the gamble ;)
Links below for previous photo sessions --
Her school also brought in Santa for the kids to take pictures with (totally FREE!) and even though Abigail is screaming her head off, I can't help but love them!
++ Can someone tell me in the comments below if these look blurry on their computer? They are blurry on mine and I don't know if it is the pictures or me! Thanks! ++


 ( my favorite!)
Despite her teachers best jumping up and down and jelly bean offer attempts, they told me that she had a serious face for a lot of the pictures. I got way more smiles that I was hoping for but even her serious face kills me!
After the tears stopped, but still terrified ;)
Her teachers told me that after she was done taking pictures and all the other kids were doing them, she really warmed up to the big guy and started walking up to him, waving and saying 'HI!'.


  1. The picture are so cute & not blurry at all when I open them up! Her school seems amazing!

    Happy Holidays,
    Tayler Bray

  2. Not blurry at all....and absolutely beautiful!!!💗💗💗💗