Santa's Christmas Tree Farm

We have the cutest little Christmas Tree farm about a 25 minute drive from our house and 2 weekends ago we finally made our way out there! We had an absolute blast!
There were hay rides, bounce pillows, pony rides and a tear-free Santa Claus visit!
Here are some of the photos from our day-
This was a GIANT bounce pillow. Pretty similar to a bounce house, but without it being enclosed. It was surrounded by sand and I'm confident I got more of a workout on it than I have anywhere else in months. It was way steeper than it appears to be in this photo, but we were using it as a slide for Abigail. She loved it!
Hay ride!
& Nathan asked for the 'Mike Tyson' when getting his face painted. #proud

They had a great petting zoo for the kids and Abigail was entranced by all of the animals that she usually only sees in her books.
She got to ride the pony four separate times and she was in HEAVEN. She loved every single second of it and I am confident she was completely expecting to find one under the tree yesterday morning! Spoiler alert: She didn't. But she still did pretty well ;)

Serious side eye..... but no tears!
The farm happened to be on Huff Rd. (which for those of you that don't know, is our last name) which obviously called for a cheesy, side of the road photo opp. You'd do it too, don't judge ;)
I hope everyone had a great Christmas yesterday! I will be back on Monday morning the recap our whole day and give you a peek at all of the goodies that we were totally spoiled with!
Enjoy your weekend, relax and eats lots of food!

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