worst. blogger. ever.
Hi y'all! There's so much to catch you up on so this is going to be a pretty big photo dump. We'll do it 'one line per picture' style and call it a day. 
I've got a post coming Wednesday and another one on Friday and then a full Christmas weekend recap coming next Monday & then we should be up to speed for the new year! 

I went to Jimmy Hula's 3 times in one week. 

This was the second batch, the first one was chargrilled style. 

My very favorite part of our recent days.

How I make pizza - all pepperoni for B, all cheese for me ;) 

Mid- timeout. 

I'm developing her obsession with Christmas early. 

'No touch, mama. No touch!'

Because when it's below 40 in Florida, you wear earmuffs. 

Homegirl can't stay sitting down for meals, so we brought the highchair back out. 

Smoothie face. 

Desperate times call for trips to the indoor mall playground. 

I hope they're best friends forever. 

This went way better than meeting Santa. 

My kid still takes a pacifier to sleep, don't judge. 

I ate more cookie dough than baked cookies. 

Happy Monday, friends! 
3 sleeps til Christmas!! 

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