Having the best week EVER!

Just Kidding 
The complete opposite, in fact. 
But I wanted you to click on this post, so I lied. 

If you're not up for a total pity party; staring none other than yours truly, then you may want to click that little 'x' at the top of you screen because that's what you're getting today. 

This week has been a total shit blow. And it's only Wednesday

I mentioned before but I came down with a nasty cold this weekend that has left me half way to comatose since it began. I can't breathe and my head constantly hurts from all the rattling it does with each cough. This part isn't that important, I'm always sick. I should be used to it but it makes everything else infinitely more annoying to deal with. 

On Monday morning, my car wouldn't start after I dropped Abigail of at daycare. Annoying, but not earth shattering. As I was trying to leave, my best friend Heather pulled up to drop her girl off and it just so happens that we work together. So I hitched a ride with her and figured I'd deal with it on my lunch break. Lunch comes along, we drive to my car, it starts. We drive it to the KIA dealership where they were less than helpful and tell me it will be at least a few hours before they can even look at it. 
They don't end up calling me until almost 5pm, tell me my battery is dead and that it will be $160 to replace & that I also need a tire rotation, some sort of fluid flush and probably an attitude adjustment. I tell the gentleman that I thought I went to KIA, not Jiffy Lube and that I would be there shortly to come pick up my dead car. I'm confident he probably spit on my steering wheel. 

All of the car drama forced us to have to cancel a really important meeting we had set up that night which bummed us out. We rescheduled, not the end of the world. 

Tuesday morning, I wake up to a bunch of alerts from my credit monitoring site. (If you don't already know this, my identity was stolen four years ago and it was bad. So I monitor my credit super close.) Someone opened up a new credit account under my identity. Again
If you've had to go through this before, you know what a huge pain in the ass it is. It's stressful. And you feel like you've been robbed (which I guess essentially you have been. Which is so ironic for the next part of this long, dramatic story). 
It was a shitty day, which ended with me having a huge stress headache but I made it through. 

And that brings us to today.... Wednesday
This morning, we all get ready for work and school, Billy walks us out to my car to say goodbye to us like he always does, I realize I forgot my work bag in his car from the day before (which I was driving because he was replacing the battery in my car) and ask him to grab it.  He opens his car to find no bag and the car tossed.
Someone 'broke in' to the car last night. I say broke in loosely because my dumb ass didn't lock the car the night before. 
So far it looks like they only took my bag, (my favorite bag! Chelsea, If you're reading this, I used that bag from your wedding everyday.. And now it's gone!) which had a few really important things in it. Like a hard copy of all of our bills, account info and passwords for things, a stack of bills that I needed to pay and an envelop full of pictures. 
They messed with the fuse box next to the steering wheel (assuming they were trying to get the radio) and the glove compartment was torn to shreds (we found stuff from it in the trunk?!). 
The cops were all over our neighborhood this morning writing reports for people who it also happened to. 

All of this on top of sniffling, Abigail moving to a different class at school (which is hard on both of us) and a few work related stresses right now, my head is ready to fly off. 

I know I shouldn't complain.
 For the most part, my life is pretty great. Healthy child, super awesome (& patient. Oh so patient) husband and a roof over my head. But some days its just too much. Today was that day for me. And I have an outlet to complain. This space. And you're here reading it. So if you're sitting there rolling your eyes, thinking to yourself -- 'get over it, girl!', don't worry; I'm right there with you. 
I'm annoying myself at this point. 

2015; Lets make up & be friends. 


  1. Oh my gosh! I hope your feeling better!

    As far as your pity party- girlfriend we ALL need them sometimes. In fact that's the only way to get it over and keep on keeping on at times ;)

    Hope your 2015 gets better, you got this!

    1. Aw, thank you Jessica! I'm definitely feeling better now :) My pity party was definitely needed.. I've decided I'm starting my year over on Monday... Fresh start!
      Thanks for stopping by ;)