Moving Update

It was brought to my attention that I haven't posted a single thing in 20 days, so I figured I would just do a quick update on our move, since that is consuming my every thought.
It's been a stressful couple of weeks, ya'll.
Our house sold QUICK, 18 hours quick and while I am SUPER grateful for that since I know a lot of people put their houses on the market and it takes months and months to get an offer, I don't think I was fully prepared to deal with the selling process that quick.
When I say our house sold in 18 hours, I really mean we had an offer in 18 hours. From there, we counter offered for our asking price (because; day 1), the buyers accepted, we went through inspections, minor repairs, negotiations on things that would stay in the house, appraisals that took way longer than anticipated and a closing date that kept creeping up. During that whole process, it was hard to try and find a new place to live (a rental house 20 minutes away) without knowing if the sale was going to go through and when, something that we still don't know today.
At the current moment, our house is packed, we have signed a lease on a new place (in my parents neighborhood, no less) and are waiting to receive word on whether or not the loan has been accepted on the house we are selling. Yes, we have signed a lease without knowing if our house is actually sold. The lease was supposed to start today, but had to be pushed further out because we won't hear back about the loan until at least tomorrow (thanks President's Day!). So, fingers crossed we hear good news tomorrow and that we can move in to our new place on Friday. If we can't, we lose the house and our deposit... not ideal but we will know it wasn't meant to be.

The closing on the sale of our house is set for Monday the 23rd, a week from today.
So that's that. Everything is still up in the air, but we are optimistic. So if you want to throw a few good vibes and thoughts our way, I wouldn't reject them ;)
And now here are a few cute photos of my kid because why not, right?
I'll be back this week hopefully with a big ol' photo dump, life other than moving update.

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