Central Florida Zoo

We spent this past Sunday morning and afternoon at the Central Florida Zoo with a couple of our favorite people!
We had visited the Zoo property a few years ago to do the zip lining adventure they offer (which was a total blast and we are definitely doing it again!) but had never actually been to the Zoo portion.  Which now seems so silly, since it is only about 7 minutes from our house :)
Abigail's favorite parts were the birdies, otters and giraffes! She had so much fun roaming around, hand in hand with her little best friend, Mali and even got to pet some goats!
At the end of our visit, we ended up going back to the ticket window and purchasing annual passes. With it being so close to home, access to their Splash Pad (with tiki bars and lounge chairs for mamas) and a huge playground, it is going to be our go-to during the Spring and Summer... which are one in the same in Florida.


Before we left, we spotted one of those trampoline/slingshot things for kids. We kind of figured that the girls weren't big enough for it but we decided to check it out anyways. To our surprise, the minimum weight was only 20lbs so both girls were able to go on it!
I thought FOR SURE that Abigail wouldn't make it past getting harnessed in. She doesn't like to be constrained in any way and I really thought it was $5 lost.
But of course, she proved me wrong! She got harnessed in and immediately started jumping on the trampoline. She loved it. And then the attendant hoisted her up and started pulling the bungee cords so Abigail would fly through the air. And FLY she did! She went SO high, I was kind of freaking out a little bit. But her giggles and happy screams were totally worth it!
I am going to post a video of it on my Instagram and Facebook, if you want to check it out ;)

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