Our Weekend; Picture Style.

Is it just me or was this the fastest weekend in the history of weekends?!
We played it pretty low key around here, but it flew by and I'm having a hard time coping with the fact that it's Monday again.
Friday after getting out of work and picking up my little sweet thing from school we went home and played it cool. We made dinner, which she absolutely loves to help with and planned on an early bedtime for all of our sanity. Home girl had other plans... after 3 attempts and an hour an a half of trying to put her to bed and her asking for everything she could think of (moothie (smoothie), teebee (TV), etc.) I gave up and let her snuggle on the couch with me. We watched YouTube videos of Bruno Mars music (she's obsessed) and then daddy surprised us by walking through the door WAY earlier than I expected. He got to see her for a few minutes and then took over 'bedtime' duty.. win, win!
A small change in Billy's schedule for the weekend meant an entire Saturday off... early morning Farmer's Market & date night it was!
We decided to make the short drive out to the Winter Park Farmers Market instead of our local one, since it has a MUCH bigger selection and it turned out to be a great decision. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, we stocked up on lots of fresh veggies & we ate gourmet French fries out of a Chinese food box covered in garlic and cheese while Abigail ran around the park.

Whenever Billy has a Saturday off we like to try and schedule some sort of date night. We hired a sitter at the last minute (thanks, Cat!) & headed out to Winter Park (again!). We ate dinner at this cute little sports bar-ish restaurant called The Porch. The food was so good and I loved the atmosphere. All the food came out on metal trays, middle school cafeteria style & they served the dipping sauces in 1/2 cup measuring cups, it was just cute and totally my style. I wanted to order one of everything on the menu, so we will definitely be back! If you're local, check it out!
After dinner, we walked Park Ave. for a bit and then decided to head back closer to home and visit our favorite bartender.
A Saturday off for Billy means he works all day on Sunday so it was just me and the chick all day. We got the car detailed in the morning, she took a much needed 3 hour nap, we played dress up, practiced our ABC's and laughed & laughed until we had tears in our eyes. And of course, because I don't like to paint a picture perfect life because it's anything but, I had to FaceTime Billy while he was at work during a 15 minute long epic meltdown over not being able to sit in the DRIVERS SEAT of the car while we ran errands because I knew it would get her to calm down, she fell off of a stool and hit her chin & pooped one too many times for my liking. But she woke up from her nap with a dry diaper, told me she had to 'potty', grabbed my hand and dragged me into the bathroom where sure enough, she went pee and earned herself some jellybeans, so we are calling it a win all around. 
Three cheers for being potty trained before age two!
She also developed a serious obsession with my rings this weekend. I love how ladylike and quaint her little hand looks.
I work from home on Mondays so it makes starting the week a little more bearable. Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day and I'm really hoping some green beer finds its way into my mouth.
Happy day, friends! XO.


  1. Those fries look de-lish! I haven't seen those before at the farmer's market. I'll have to keep a look-out next time!

    1. Tayler, they are so worth it! They were so yummy! The stand is called 'The Fry Bar' & I think it's right next to the Winter Park Honey stand :)