the weekend.

after a lunch break shopping spree for a new Spring wardrobe, my friend Heather and I left work at our usual 3:45pm Friday time and headed to the nail salon for some pampering. We had every intention of going shoe shopping after our nails, but decided to be spontaneous instead and headed to happy hour for drinks and snacks instead. It was a fantastic decision but were too busy chit-chatting for pictures ;)
After getting home and putting Abigail to bed, I spent the remainder of the night catching up on some of my recorded tv and waiting for Billy to get home.

we woke up Saturday morning ready to tackle some Sams Club shopping. I'm pretty sure we came home with half of the store and took approximately 15 hours to put it all away. Just kidding, there is still a ginormous bag of red solo cups sitting on our floor.
I had an early afternoon hair appointment where I chopped off my hair again and took out the blonde and replaced it with honey.. I'll post pictures soon, once I wash it again ;)
Billy went to work after I got home and it was just me and the little babe for the rest of the afternoon/night. We decided to get some shopping under our belts and hit up Old Navy and Target for bathing suits, flip flops and Easter eggs.
As I was getting into the shower early that day, I looked down at my phone and when I looked back up I felt a pop in my neck. And then I couldn't move my neck. It bothered me the entire day and caused a pretty severe headache to ensue for the rest of my night. I didn't mind the extra rest though. 

our Sunday started kind of like our Saturday in that we went grocery shopping first thing. This time at Target. And after savings up some major coupons and savings a total of $75 on our bill (!!!!) I was feeling pretty damn good about the day. We got our bathing suits on and walked over to my parents house to soak in the pool all day. Except the pool was MUCH colder than we anticipated thanks to what appears to be a broken heater, so we really just relaxed in lounge chairs in the sun and sipped on tasty beverages all day. And then Abigail woke up from her nap and desperately wanted to swim, so we stripped her naked and let her play on the steps for a few minutes.

During our walk over to my parents, Abigail started running on the sidewalk and tripped on her flip flops. She ended up getting some pretty bad road rash on her knees, elbows, chin and fingers and I think the pain really kicked in towards bedtime. She ended up waking up at 4am this morning, sad and in pain. We brought her into our room where she cuddled with us (but never went back to sleep, or let us for that matter) until we all got up for the day around 7am. We are all dragging our feet today and am hoping she makes it through the day without completely breaking down.

Hope you all had a great weekend & have an even better Monday! XO.

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