another weekend post.

If we pretend it isn't actually Monday, can we all go back to laying on our couches and drinking mimosas & call it Sunday again!?
We had a great, pretty low-key weekend over here!
Here's a look:
We woke up bright and early Saturday morning to get some MUCH needed yard work done. We re-mulched, mowed and gave ourselves a little flower garden. Abigail was along for every step of the process & loved it!
Side note: Let's all thank Billy for his impeccable driving skills since you almost didn't get to see any of these photos. During our time outside, I set my phone on the hood of his car...flash forward an hour or two and we ran out of mulch so he and my dad got in his car and drove to Home Depot for more. Five minutes later, I realized I left my brand new phone where I did and started panicking! They were already at Home Depot but my phone was safely lodged in between his hood and the plastic little bug shield. I am officially the luckiest moron on the planet.

After a serious nap & daddy leaving for work, Abigail and I headed over to my parents house to make good on a promise my dad made to this one.
The pool was absolutely freezing, but she doesn't care! She is a total water baby!
Billy was off on Sunday so we decided to use our Zoo passes and go hang out with the monkeys and goats ;)
We got there 4 minutes after they opened, which is really the only way to do it. The place gets really busy and we wanted to do a few things we weren't able to do last time, like play on the playground and the splash pad!
These two... swooning!
By the time we made our way over to the water, there were a lot of big kids horsing around. Abigail held her own though and totally loved splashing around in the water. This place is going to be a staple as it continues to get hellish-ly hot here.
After the zoo, we decided Abigail was in a good enough mood to drag her to brunch. Which turned out to be a delicious decision. Mama had three too many mimosas and ended up nice and toasty by 11:45am. We went home where I proceeded to pass the eff out for the next 3 hours and I felt like I was rocking a hangover for the rest of the day. Womp, womp.
After naps and a Target run, we took Abigail to get some fro-yo to celebrate some serious potty training accomplishments (we're almost there!)!
I hope you all had a great weekend!
& an even better Monday!

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