April StitchFix! (#3)

Happy Tuesday guys!
I received my 3rd StitchFix last week and can't wait to share it with you!
Don't know what I'm talking about?!
- StitchFix is a subscription box (how often you receive it is totally up to you!) that sends you 5 items (clothes & accessories)  based on a personal style profile that you fill out when you sign up.

- Once you receive your box, you try on all your items, decide what you want to keep, throw the times you don't love in the provided return shipping envelope and pop it in the mailbox. From there, you log into your account and fill out the feedback survey and declare which items you are keeping.

- StitchFix has a monthly styling fee of $20. If you chose to keep any of the items in the box, the $20 is put towards the cost of the items! If you chose to keep all of the items in your box, you receive a 25% discount on all times! plus your $20 styling fee! 
If you love it as much as I do, you can sign up to get your own box by clicking here (<-- affiliate link)!
So, lets get down to business, shall we? This is what I received this month!
Papermoon - Holden Scoop Neck Blouse - $38
Mavi - Aiden Distressed Skinny Jean - $118
I thought I was going to love this shirt, but truthfully I didn't. I don't know what it is (actually, I think I do) but shirts in this material are so tight in my back/shoulder area. Billy so kindly pointed out that my chest and my shirt size might not be matching up.
The pants, oh these pants. I loved these pants so much! They fit perfect, they felt great.. I loved them! The only thing I didn't like was the price. There was no way I could justify spending that much on one pair of jeans. I would have instant buyers remorse and wouldn't enjoy wearing them. It definitely made me sad to send them back.

Fun2Fun - Topson Crochet Detail Blouse - $38
Margaret M - Emer High Waisted Cropped Trouser - $98
When I put this shirt on, something seemed off. It felt lopsided on me, like the seams weren't even or something. It's hard to explain but it wasn't comfortable. I'm not sure if I just got a bum shirt, or if that is the way it is supposed to be, but either way, I wasn't digging it. Also, white & a toddler do not jive together.
I asked my stylist for a pair of black work pants and she definitely delivered! I loved these pants. They had an elastic band as opposed to a zipper and button and what girl wouldn't love that!? The two reasons I didn't keep them were (again) the price and the fact that I had found the PERFECT pair of black work pants at Old Navy the night before.

Renee C - Cheli Striped Maxi Dress - $68
The length of this dress was weird to me. Maybe it's the style and I'm just not with the 'in' crowd these days, but it wasn't quite full length but it wasn't knee length either. It cut off at my ankles. Is that weird to anyone else!? Anyways, besides that the material wasn't for me. But that's just my body type. Clingy things don't work well with my mama hips ;)

My overall thoughts:
I specifically asked my stylist this month to send me a pair of work pants, a pair of distressed skinny jeans and springy tops. And she totally nailed it! Even though I didn't end up keeping any of my items this month, when I opened up my box I was SUPER happy with it!
I sent a note to my stylist for next month that I would like a cardigan to cover up summer shirts at work, some spring tops and less expensive bottoms. So we'll see how she does!
Side note: StitchFix has THE VERY BEST customer service! I had a problem with the shirt that I kept from my fix last month, and it was fixed within a day! They were so nice and helpful! Is there anything better than good customer service?!
So, does this sound like something you're interested in trying out!? If so, click here and get your first fix scheduled! And then come back and let me know how you like it!

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