Graze [[+ a FREE box!]]

Who wants FREE snacks?!
((I'm forgoing my usual 'Friday Favorites' post for one GIANT favorite today! But head on over to Heather's page to check out everyone else's favorites from this week!))
I received my very first Graze box this week and I am totally and completely in LOVE!
Graze (<-- affiliate link) is a subscription service that sends you 4 different snacks to try on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis!
If you use the link above (or click here), upon signing up, you will receive your 1st AND 5th box 100% free! After that, it is only $6.99 per box!  
The thing I love about this service is that, after signing up, you can go onto their site, look at ALL of the snacks they have to offer (which is a TON) and rate them! If it includes something that you don't enjoy eating (for me, it was anything that included cinnamon), I simply checked it as something I wouldn't like to receive!
The box comes with 4 different compartments for 4 different individually wrapped snacks and for the first month, mine came with a small bag of popcorn kernels to pop!
The snacks included in these boxes are the perfect size for a mid day munch. So much so that a lot of customers have the boxes shipped directly to their work offices!
Again, if you're interested in trying it out, click here for your first and fifth boxes FREE!


  1. I don't understand. That looks like not much food for $6.99. You get 4 snacks once a month, you eat one each day for 4 days (or all in the same day if you have no impulse control) and then you have to find other snacks for the next 26 days. What's the advantage? They do look like tasty and healthy snacks, but I'd rather buy larger packages for less trash and better value.

    1. Hi Becca! A lot of the appeal for me is that I am trying new things every two weeks (which is how often I opted to get the box). If you really fall in love with one, you can buy larger bags of the one snack. It obviously isn't for everyone and no, it isn't much food. But you are right they are tasty and healthy and the first 4 snacks that I tried were all very filling. I'm excited to get it delivered to my office to be able to reach for a small/hearty snack when I need a pick me up during the day!