Life Lately.

I'm doing a little catch up on the blog today.
I was looking back and realized I had a ton of photos that I hadn't put up here yet, and since this is a way to document our lives, to eventually show Abigail one day, I wanted to dump them in a post.
I have no real weekend recap for you this week but plan on starting fresh next week. Until then, here's a look at some random events from the past couple of weeks :)
Billy & I had a date night a couple weeks ago and while we were out, one of our very favorite sitters came over to watch Abigail. She took this photo and it's quite possibly my favorite photo ever!
I never got a chance (forgot, actually) to post about our egg dyeing adventures for Easter! We bought two kits from Target which were a complete bust, so I dug out our watercolor paints and we went to town. Abigail was totally into it ;)
Billy has been working a lot of long hours and Abigail & I have been spending A LOT of one on one time together. I love it, but it's also completely exhausting. Bathtime is easily one of my favorite parts of the day. It means bedtime is near and it is when things really start to calm down for the both of us. Abigail usually soaks until she is pruney and loves to help wash her hair. She sings songs and splashes and we talk about what her favorite parts of the day were. I cherish these moments. And cherish her little head hitting the pillow even more ;)
Countertop jam sessions happen on the regular in the Huff household.
A few weeks ago my parents invited and got tickets for myself, Billy, my sister and brother-in-law to an annual event held in our hometown called The Taste of Lake Mary.
The event, put of by The Rotary Club of Lake Mary brings all of the most delicious restaurants out to one area and all of the attendees walk around and eat & drink until we can't walk anymore ;)
We did just that and had a total blast!
The other night, Abigail wouldn't go to sleep. Everytime I put her down in her crib, she stood right back up screaming. So we stayed up until daddy got home. She cuddled on the couch and watched tv for what seemed like hours. As we were both going a little crazy and getting way too tired, she looked up at me, grabbed both of my cheeks with her little hands, looked me square in the eyes and said 'look at me mama. I love you!' This kid I tell ya... she gets me.
More skinny dipping. She is a water baby, through and through.
Abigail and I went for a really long walk on Saturday. I just discovered the 'Serial' podcasts and I am totally obsessed. If you haven't started it, you must!
Anyways, while we were walking, A broke her only pair of shoes that fit her. So later on that afternoon, we went shoe shopping with Nanna!
We found these ones and couldn't pass them up! We also came home with a pair of pink converse because, well pink converse.
She shares our love of shoes ;)
We woke up on Sunday and decided it was the perfect day to finally sit down and watch Frozen for the first time. Yup, we hadn't seen it! Abigail isn't much for sitting and watching TV, but I know she enjoyed some of it ;) And she is offically obsessed with Olaf. Better late than never!

And yesterday.... yesterday my baby girl started preschool. We hyped her up about it, telling her how much fun she was going to have, even if mama was freaking out on the inside. I honestly thought she was going to meltdown when we dropped her off in the morning but of course, she proved me wrong. We got to her class, she ran towards a play car and waved bye to us like she'd been doing it for years.

Ok friends, I'm taking the rest of the week off from blogging and I'll be back on Friday for Friday Favorites! See ya then!


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