Karma - The Birthday Edition

Here's the story of the time karma kicked me square in the ass....
From the time I popped out of my mother, I have always loved my birthday. I'm not ashamed to admit that it is my absolute favorite day of the year! I love the random phone calls throughout the day, I love the text messages, the inevitable phone call at 6am from my parents to sing to me.. I love it all!
And again, from the time I popped out of my mother, I have always given her shit for having me 4 days before HER birthday and the same week as Mother's Day.
Every year, I would complain that we had to celebrate all three occasions together in the same day. Mom always outnumbered me because after all, she got her birthday AND Mothers Day to celebrate. I was a spoiled brat about it and I can fully admit to that.
And then I got pregnant...
At our first appointment, after hearing the heartbeat, my doctor estimated the baby's due date. The minute he said 'May 15th', I just started laughing.
My whole family joked about the due date my entire pregnancy, wondering which day Abigail would actually make her appearance.
My birthday, May 7th came and went. And then after 12 hours of labor, I had my baby girl four days after my birthday...May 11th 2013. Also known as, my mother's birthday. The next day was Mother's Day that year.
That my friends, is karma.
Let it be known that I do still love my birthday. And I have big plans for it this year. But I love Abigail's WAY more! And now I know how annoying I was to my mom for 27 years.

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