Low Key/Potty Training Weekend

We kept things pretty low key this weekend, due to the start of some serious potty training!
After a morning full of sitting on the bathroom floor, we threw on a pull-up and headed out the door to a Cinco Dos de Mayo party! Abigail was a happy camper, playing with her best friend all afternoon and mommy got some adult interaction ;)
We hunkered down on Sunday and didn't leave the house in order to give us a full day of potty training.
I'm happy to report that Abigail is doing great! She is a pro at using the potty if we sit her on it, but she didn't really know when she needed to tell me that she needed to go. But after a full day of asking every 10 minutes, she got the hang of it. I only had to clean up one puddle of pee and was able to give her lots of special treats that I've been stashing away for this day.
Sticker earrings were in the bin of prizes ;)
By 6pm, if I had said the words 'pee pee', 'poo poo', or 'potty' one more time, I was going to bash my head through the sliding glass door. So I put Abigail to bed early and poured myself a much needed bottle glass of wine.
I sent her to school this morning without a diaper or pull-up on and so far, she has only changed shorts once. Which occurred while all the kids were on the playground.
Moral of the story, tell your kids not to play with mud ;)
I wish I could say I have some grand potty training advice, but I don't. Abigail is a fluke. A rare gem. And I'm positive my next child will be in diapers until they are 17.
Happy Monday!

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