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happy Wednesday y'all!
I had another post planned for today, but didn't get a chance to put it together after I woke up yesterday with a migraine that kicked my butt the entire day. I left work, locked myself in my bedroom with a cold washcloth and darkness and didn't move until dinnertime. I'm definitely still feeling it today, but feeling much better!
I figured today would be a good opportunity to catch you up on my life lately.
Here we go...!
This girl is the biggest cuddle monster when she gets out of the pool. We've been spending so much time poolside and loving every minute of it!
We took a trip to Savannah with my parents a couple weeks ago. We did tons of shopping, drank alcohol slushies, took a huge bicycle that doubled as a bar around the entire city, ate, ate and ate some more. It was a total blast!
Billy went on a business trip for a couple of days so it was just me and the chickey pie. We took lots of selfies and ate lots of icecream ;)
Every six months or so Abigail has a really hard time falling asleep when she is supposed to. It's exhausting and heart breaking and we all hate it. Last week it happened again. It would take upwards of 3 hours to get her to finally go to sleep in her crib, but on this night she asked me to lay on the couch and cuddle and I couldn't argue with that. So we went and watched Mickey and cuddled on the couch and within 60 seconds, she was fast asleep. She hasn't fallen asleep on me since she was an infant and it made my mama heart so, so happy!
So, I got my nose pierced two Fridays ago. I have been wanting to do it for so long and finally after a really bad morning, my best friend and I decided to just go and do it! I went first, thank goodness and it actually didn't hurt nearly as bad as I thought it was going to. Don't get me wrong, it definitely hurt, but it was over so quick and I'm obsessed with how it turned out!
There she is! ;)
If anyone finds my little baby, can you send her back to me!? Because this one is just too grown up!
We purchased Disney park hopper annual passes a week or so ago! Abigail is at the perfect age (& most importantly, free!) and is so obsessed with Mickey! We used the passes for the first time in the last afternoon and went to each park and rode every roller-coaster. And then caught the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom!
Like I said, SO much pool time lately! And these 3... well, they're just the cutest little cousins ever! They have so much fun together!
iHop breakfasts are much more enjoyable when she is stacking creamers ;)
And that's that, for now!
My head hurts too bad to go back and edit this post for mistakes, so if it's full of them, I apologize and try to ignore them ;)
Have a great day guys, thanks for stopping by!

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