TWO year Blog-iversary!

It's been two years since I've started this little space of mine (June 15th, 2013 if we want to get technical) and it has been so fun since day one!

I started Baby A & Mama J as a way to document Abigail's life and it has blossumed into such a perfect little nook on this huge land of the internet. I can't wait to go back and show Abigail all of the pictures and stories I wrote about her during her first years of life. I hope you cherishes them and it's too embarrassed ;)

In two years, I've posted 232 (as of today) posts. Let's see where we've gone..

I took you through Abigail's birth story
I freaked out on a stranger who tried to touch my infant
We entered and WON a 'Cute Baby Contest' and I got a really awesome prize from Jenny McCarthy
I had a bad day
I had some funny realizations of being a mama
Abigail gave my entire family the stomach flu for Christmas
We welcomed another baby into the family
I kept it real with how gross kids are
I documented 12 months of Abigail's life with these updates
We celebrated her FIRST birthday
I got serious for a minute
The Pregnancy Confessions were a big hit
We took a family beach vacation
I competed in a 10K mud run
I lost two of the greatest people in my life, here and here
I had another bad day week
I decided on a whim to sell our house and it went in 18 hours
We celebrated Abigail's SECOND birthday
I shared some personal thoughts on a big issue
And recapped Abigail's second year of life.
(you can click on any of those highlighted links to bring you to that specific post)

Thank you to everyone who reads, comments and pesters me when I don't blog for a while. I love that you all get to be at least a little part of our lives!

Cheers to many more years!

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