Wine-y Tuesday

TAP, TAP.. is this thing on!?
You know it's  been a while when you go to your chiropractor appointment and your doctor calls you out for not blogging in forever. 
There's SO much to catch up on since my last post, which didn't really count as a post.. well, it was just a heavier topic and didn't include any pictures of my baby ;)
But let's just start with today. I worked all day and I was annoyingly busy, but didn't necessarily have a bad day. And then I picked up Abigail from daycare and she had a meltdown over not being able to tie her own shoes. And then I pulled into my driveway to discover that my garage door had been open ALL day (nothing appears to be missing, so we can throw that one in the win column). And then I discovered that my dog pooped in the house twice AND peed on my down comforter twice (very out of character for her). And I'm currently watching Abigail turn her macaroni & cheese into some sort of soup, compliments of her cup of milk.
So instead of writing a worthwhile post, you get a bitchy one with a promise of what's to come.
Abigail's 2 year old Update
Life Lately (with more pictures than you care to ever see)
2 year Blog-iversary
Friday Favorites
But until then, I'm going to go curl up in a ball, with carbs and alcohol in hand and pretend I'm in Bora Bora.

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