Abigail's Toddler Room & Sleep Training

I've been hesitant in writing this post because I didn't want to jinx it, but I feel like we might be in the clear now.
The big girl bed transition is going so well!
I mentioned in this post that I threw a minor hissy fit after I originally put together Abigail's bed and went to Target to, more or less, give her a brand new room and I swear it made all the difference (for both of our attitudes toward the whole thing)!
The Sunday we took the crib out of her room and introduced her to her new twin sized bed, nap time didn't happen. All she wanted to do was jump on the bed, but sleeping wasn't happening. After deciding that the whole room needed to change, we immediately began hyping the new 'big girl room' up to Abigail, telling her how great and exciting it was and getting her totally pumped up about it! We also promised her a special treat if she went to bed that night and stayed there and slept.
All of that must have worked because she fell right to sleep that night! She woke up twice crying (which we figured was because she was disoriented with a new bed and new surroundings) but it only lasted for about a minute and she was able to put herself back to sleep without us going in. She slept until we went in to wake her up for school the next morning!
We made sure to make a HUGE deal out of how proud we were of her, how she was such a big girl and telling her to make sure she told her teachers and all of her friends about it at school that day. That morning, she also told me that it was 'so much fun' to sleep in her new bed :)
Since that night, things have only gotten better! Occasionally she will cry because she drops her baby doll; for whatever reason she will not get out of her bed once she is in it. The only barrier she has between her and getting out are the two pool noodles on either side, underneath the sheet, and during the day she gets in and out without issue. So, at this point, that's the only problem we are having, if you would even call that a 'problem'.
We still continue to sing her praises every morning when she wakes up and give her the occasional special treat (apple juice one morning, her favorite babysitter coming over to watch her one night, etc.) to reward her.
Here are a few pictures of her new toddler room, featuring the world's worst lighting - compliments of the icky yellow wall color:
We decided on a twin bed rather than a toddler bed just because she will be able to have this bed well into her teenage years, just like I did when I was a kid.
She used to have a huge white dresser in her baby room (you can see that here), we decided that was just too big and wasn't going to work so, we took this brown dresser out of our master and replaced the white one, which is now in our room which I absolutely love!
We also finally took her changing pad out of her room, which was surprisingly emotional for me. Everyday it seems like she is growing up more and more and it was starting to get to me.
This portion of her room stayed the same, mostly because we had no interest in all that was involved in moving it ;)
And there you have it!
Sleeping toddler, new big girl room and a slightly unbalanced mother!

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