Life Lately/Photo Dump

There's so much to get to in this post, I think I'll just jump right into it, cool?
This is life over the past 3 months of non-blogging lately!
We traveled to Virginia to watch some of our most favorite people get married!
Billy was in the wedding, as well as just about everyone else that I knew, so I was flying solo for a lot of it. Thus resulting in hotel room mirror selfies.
Abigail was an absolute nightmare on the trip. Like, didn't even want to bring her in public, nightmare.
It all started with an unfortunate incident at Orlando International Airport where I sent Billy on the plane (with our diaper bag) to make sure there was room for his tux in the plane closet and Abigail deciding it was prime time to shit her pants and leave a trail from Gate 28 to the bathroom, where I had to throw out all of her clothes in the bathroom trash, wrap her in paper towels to get on the plane and handed the gate attendant our boarding passes with poop on them, only to see the look on Billy's face when he saw I was getting on the plane with a naked toddler and tears in my eyes. It was totally cool though guys, because when I looked over and saw that his tux was shoved underneath the seat and not in the non-existent closet, I definitely didn't lose my cool. Nope.
Can I get a holler for the worlds longest run-on sentence up there? Thanks.
This face...
& this sass...
I was over at my parents house one night a couple weeks ago and they had pulled out a picture frame from my grandmothers old house. They opened up the back of it and all of these were in it.
A few things... I was clearly big into florals for a while, bangs were never a good idea, purple velvet and white eyeliner. Woof!
I love this girl so, so much!
My sister and brother-in-law are having another baby!
We set up a super simple gender reveal for them one night.
They had the sealed envelope and gave it to my dad and I. We filled squirt guns with paint, set up an easel and white canvas and had them shoot the guns to find out they are having A BOY!
And they can keep the canvas forever! I suggested putting an ultrasound picture in the middle of it, as well :)
We are so late to the game, but Abigail is finally obsessed with Frozen.
She HAS to wear her Elsa dress while watching and on this day, requested a princess-like headband. She stepped it up a notch and asked me to take a picture of her, as well.
more sass...
Back to Frozen...She doesn't like the part where Elsa gets mad and yells at Anna and then freezes the town. She climbs into my lap and covers her eyes every time. I try not to laugh, but it might be the cutest thing in the world.
We have spent so much time at the pool this summer and she has loved every second of it! We have been so spoiled living so close to my parents (8 houses away!), who have a pool. Abigail has gotten so confident at jumping in by herself, has started trying to swim and loves to float by herself on the pool noodles!
She was giving her baby  doll some fierce eyebrows.
& I'm throwing this one in for good measure because it is the last documented photo of our favorite Hello Apparel shirt, as it was involved in the above mentioned 'poop gate'.
And there we have it.. all caught up on our lives!
I've got a lot of posts coming up, so stay tuned!

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