Our Weekend.

How about a little weekend recap to jumpstart myself back into blog land? Sound good? Great!
It was Parents Night Out at Abigail's daycare Friday night (the kids get to stay at daycare until 11pm and have a sleepover with their friends, eat pizza and watch movies) so I made plans with my family to go to dinner and see a movie. Well, THEY made the movie plans. They chose to see 'The Visit', which if that doesn't ring a bell, the preview that keeps getting shown on TV has a sweet, little grandma asking a little girl to get in the oven to clean it... sound familiar yet?! Scary movies aren't really my thing, but I went along with it. I also went along with several bevies beforehand, as well.
I had super low expectations for the movie, but I actually didn't hate it. It had a perfect mix of humor and scary and there was a good twist to it! It definitely wasn't the worst movie I've ever seen!
I booked my sister and myself a fun Saturday morning spa activity in Baldwin Park and was SO excited for it! I'm going to go more into detail about it in a separate post because it definitely deserves it but we had 10:30am appointments at East Coast Floats for a 60 minute Sensory Deprivation Float. It was absolutely amazing and we left feeling so relaxed and so rejuvenated. After a quick lunch at one of our favorite cafes, we headed home.
I ended up being so relaxed that once I got home, I took a two hour nap (while Abigail was taking hers)! I don't remember the last time that happened!
The pod that I was floating in for an hour :)

We spent the rest of the afternoon/night relaxing, going to Target and then to my parents house for pizza!
After our whole house slept until well after 9am, we were seriously dragging our feet all morning. I decided that it was the perfect morning to put together Abigail's new big girl bed, which took about 2 hours to do (thanks Ikea and your four billion parts).
I took this picture right after we showed Abigail her new bed. She immediately jumped on it and laid down. But when it was actually her nap time, she didn't want much to do with it. She was scared and uncomfortable. So it was a no nap Sunday.

I loved the bed we picked out for her but something about the way it was set up, the sheets/blankets or a combination of both just didn't feel right. So I spent the rest of the afternoon completely gutting her room and making it feel more like Abigail. I went to Target and bought new sheets and a new comforter, pool noodles (!!) for bumpers instead of that hideous mesh contraption and a special treat to entice her to sleep in it. I replaced her massive dresser with a smaller one we had in our master bedroom and it all fits so much nicer now. And I think Abigail agrees too, because as I'm typing this Sunday night, she is sound asleep. Let's hope she keeps it up!

This is more of what it looks like after I got done tearing it apart ;)
It's going to be a busy week around here, with a mid week concert and a Saturday mud run on the books, but we are most definitely looking forward to the fun!

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