Abigail's Back to School Photos

Abigail officially started preschool this August! Technically she has been in the preschool room at school for a bit longer than that, but during the summer they focus more on fun activities than curriculum.
She absolutely loves school and it seriously blows our minds what she knows, how much she learns and the things that come out of her mouth. Just tonight, as we were putting her to bed and going through her regular nighttime routine of reading her 3 favorite books in bed, she decided she wanted to read them instead and actually recited every word from all 3 books! And when we went to sing her her bedtime songs, she told us she would rather just go to sleep. Um, what?! Where O where did my little girl go?!
Anyways, along with the new school year comes a new batch of photos!
If you recall, her school brings in a professional photographer several times a year for photos and I just can't pass up the chance to scoop them up each time!
Here are her previous photo sessions:
And here are her Back to School photos for this year!
I love them so much and think it's impossible to pick a favorite... what do you think?! :)

Photo credit to ActionShots4Kids

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