Halloween 2015

Out of all of the holidays, Halloween always seems to be the absolute busiest for us. Could be because my immune system has decided to punch me in the face for the past 3 years on the holiday weekend or that it is jam packed with festive activities, but I ended my Friday and Saturday nights this weekend feeling like I just left Disney World, or finished a marathon. I only know what one of those actually feels like though ;) 
Busi-ness aside, we had so much fun this Halloween! It was the first year Abigail really understood what was happening, was excited about her costume(s), and melted down when I told her she couldn't have any more candy. She ran to people's doors, yelling 'Trick or Treat' like a total champ and collected quite the assortment of delicious candy for me ;) 

Here's a look into our Halloween weekend: 

At kind of the last minute (about a week ago) I decided that Abigail needed a second costume. She had school activities on Friday that she needed to wear one for and I didn't want to have to worry about cleaning one costume from Friday to use again for Saturday. I found this adorable Batman dress at Target, which came with a detachable cape and headband. It's not technically a costume, but Abigail loved it so, so much! Girl is obsessed with batman! 
After dropping batman off at school, I headed off to work where my department dressed as contestants on The Price is Right! College sweatshirts, jeans, some nametags and cardboard; might have been the best, most comfortable costume ever ;)
Around 3pm, I left work and made my way back over to Abigail's school for her Halloween party and Trunk or Treat. 
Once we were done Trunk or Treating at her school (twice!) we made our way over to our local town hall where they had a Fall Festival set up for the kids to do more trick or treating! Abigail's candy bucket definitely weighed more than she did by the end of the night and her sugar high & subsequent crash was so intense she was walking around like a drunk and not responding to her own name. We were both so exhausted, we jumped into bed as soon as we walked through the door that night.
I woke up Saturday morning feeling like a big pile of crap so I was super grateful that we had nothing on the agenda until later that night. After afternoon naps for the whole family, we got Abigail in her second costume of the weekend; kitty cat!
We hit the streets of our neighborhood hard for a little over an hour before we called it a night and made our way over to my parents house where they had set up shop handing out candy in the driveway, next to a hearse.... yes, a real hearse. Creepy and a great photo stop for all the kids in the neighborhood ;)
I hope you all had a fantastic Halloween! Is it time to put up the Christmas tree yet?? ;)

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