Life Lately

Life feels like it has not slowed down lately! Anyone else feel that way?!
Here is our life lately --
Two weeks ago, we broke every rule in the book and decorated our house for Christmas the second week of November. Holy moly did I get some crap for this when I posted the below picture!
Seeing her little face beam every time she sees our Christmas tree light up could make me keep up all of decorations year round. So.. suck it, Grinch-es ;)
Billy has been working a busier schedule than usual (holiday's in the restaurant business, so great) so I've had a lot of one on one time with Abigail. Saturday's usually consist of waking up, putting on her Elsa dress, watching Frozen and having sticker parties until naptime. This past Saturday was no different.

We hid in the kitchen sink...
(I plugged the drain so she couldn't stick her hand down the disposal, in case you were judging me)
We took a ride on my dad's wiz board.
Um, these things are SO fun! Like, I never want to walk again. I just want to zip around on one of these things for all the days. Santa, are you listening?! Mama wants a board!
Two years ago, I bought this advent calendar from Target on super clearance. I was so excited to dig it out last year, until I actually did and saw that I had to actually put the whole damn thing together. The minute I saw that it required a needle and thread (a lot of thread), I closed the box and put it at the bottom of a Christmas bin and decided it was better left there. And then I saw it again this year and decided to actually give it a go. It is far from perfect but I finished filling it with fun activities for the whole month of December for Abigail and I to do and I couldn't be happier!
PSA for anyone who loves the movie as much as I do, this book is top notch! Get it here, you won't be sorry!
 And that's been life lately! It's a short work week, Thanksgiving is on Thursday and I'm looking forward to finishing up my Christmas shopping by this weekend!
Happy Tuesday, Friends!  

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