Making Moves

I had a bit of a panic attack when I realized that it is officially November. Half because holy Christmas! and half because it's closer to having to make a decision on where we are going to live come February. 
If you're new around here, Billy and I bought our first house in August of 2012. It was in an area that we weren't super pumped to be in, but we were excited first time homeowners and absolutely adored our house. After having Abigail and realizing that the driving we were doing on a daily basis to and from work, daycare and family was too much, we decided on a whim to list our house for sale. We had no idea how fast it would sell (18 hours. Yes, hours. You can read all about that here.) and we found a  rental in the part of town we wanted to be in (in my parents neighborhood, no less) and moved in of February of last year. 
The convenience of living so close to my parents had been nothing short of amazing. However, the house itself definitely has its drawbacks. The lease we signed isn't very practical. We are responsible for all house repairs (think air conditioning, appliances, pest control, etc) and we are paying way more in rent than we were for our mortgage. The leasing company is a pain in the ass to deal with and it cost us everything but our first born child to move in. 
Long story short, renewing our lease (which comes with an automatic rent increase) is less than desirable come February. However, buying another house isn't on our radar right now until we figure out where we want to live and plant roots down. 
So we've been looking into apartments in our area. We have a few different sets of 'luxury' apartments close by, ones that might fit what we need for the next year but I have been super hesitant when it comes to making a decision. I'm nervous about space. It would be a major downsize. We'd be losing an extra bedroom, formal dining room and playroom for Abigail. Going from about 1600 sq.ft. to a little over 1000 sq.ft (which typing out down seem like that much and to be honest, we don't use any of those spaces in our current rental house). I'm nervous about thin apartment walls with a toddler, on both ends of the spectrum. I'm nervous that we'd have noisy neighbors and nervous that a crying toddler would cause any surrounding neighbors to hate us. And I'm nervous about how much of a transition it would be for all of us. We are used to having our own space; a garage with a driveway that we can walk out to in the morning and not have to worry about cars in a parking lots while we load Abigail into the car and/or a backyard for our dog to run around in.  
The upsides to moving into an apartment? Saving money, not spending money on upkeep of someone else's house, not being responsible for repairs and such. The ones that we are seriously considering right now have elevators instead of stairs, which is obviously a plus with a toddler.   

Any mamas (or dads) out there reading this that have any advice for me? Good or bad as far as apartment living with a toddler goes? Advice on downsizing, renting after owning, pep talks and 'girl, get over it' 's are also welcome ;)

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