Christmas 2015 & New Years 2016

Happy 2016, my sweet friends!

Fun fact - for my job, I am always working for/in the next year, so saying it is officially 2016 isn't all that weird to me. I've been typing and saying 2016 for the past 8 months!

Anyways, I haven't been on to give an update on our Christmas and New Years, so get ready for a picture overload! We had a great couple of weeks and are definitely sad that it is coming to an end!

2016 is going to be a year of definite change for us. Starting next Monday, I will begin working from home full time and no longer go to an office everyday (I'll get into more detail later, if anyone is interested) and then come February we will be moving into an apartment while we search for our dream home! We received notice about 3 weeks ago that the owners of our rental home are selling it, so we are getting the boot! But that's ok! We are excited and I will talk about it more in my next post, which will be all about my resolutions for 2016!

Ok, now that we have all of that information out of the way, lets recap the last couple of weeks!

I did a lot of baking this Christmas and the biggest hit was this 'Christmas Crack' recipe from Jenny Cookies. It was so, so good! And if you don't already follow her, you're seriously missing out. She is every party-planner/baker/jadeite collectors dream!
Our silly little elf on his last night at the house... Abigail loved that he was having a donut and milk party ;)
Our family doesn't have any traditions for Christmas Eve, other than just hanging out at my parents house, playing games and just being together. No set dinner, no places to be... we all love it and it's so relaxing. So Abigail and I did a lot of laying on the couch, watching PJ Masks and cuddling.

Christmas Eve night, after Santa came ;)
Santa brought Abigail a chalkboard easel (which mama gave a makeover) and a little red wagon (because she kept asking for a red toy and I was at a loss). She was so, so excited!
Closing her eyes for her surprises.

Once we are done with Christmas at our individual houses, we all meet up at  my parents house to do Christmas over there. They always go above and beyond and as the kids get older, it just gets more fun. We spend the entire day over there, in PJS, with drinks and lots of food. It's really always such a perfect day.

Santa also showed up to my parents house and brought all of us wiz/hover/death trap boards. The good news is I haven't fallen off again and no ones house has caught on fire.

A couple months back, my parents were talking to Abigail about what she wanted for Christmas, and out of no where she told them she wanted a pink motorcycle. And I'm pretty sure they went home that night and found her a pink motorcycle!
My niece and nephew got a huge playset for Christmas, so we headed over there the day after so Abigail could play with them. She loved it!

She loved it so much, in order to get her inside, we had to bribe her with dressing up with her cousin as Elsa and Anna.

I had the rest of the week off of work and spent it decluttering our house, putting Christmas away and running errands that I had been putting off. Nothing too exciting, but much needed.

My parents had a New Years Eve pool party because #Florida which was so nice! When I picked Abigail up from daycare that day she was so excited and said 'is it time to party yet?!'.

And we spent New Years Day back in the pool and eating hashbrowns...because resolutions should really start on the 2nd, don't ya think??

And that catches us up. I was quite honestly so distracted while writing this post that I don't even know if it makes any sense and am too lazy to go back and proofread. That's what happens when you haven't worked in two weeks and you are getting ready for the last Monday in an actual office!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years and that 2016 is off to a great start! As I said before, I'll be back soon with some new year thoughts and resolutions of sorts!


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