Bits & Bops.

I drafted this post on January 18th... and I'm just now getting to it. It's just for documentation purposes, because if I tried to go back and write about what was going on a month ago, I'd be here forever. So enjoy a bunch of outdated photos, with some captions that may or may not make any sense... I'm tired. 

Back when I was making blogging a regular thing. Also back when we had a couch... long story.

One of our favorite teachers at Abigail's school got a great new job and her last day was.. well, a while ago. I framed the above picture for her because we miss her so much! Not that she won't be at our house to babysit Abigail on Thursday or anything ;)
Just now realizing that I take pictures of my kid standing next to a block of knives... safety first, guys!
Nightly bedtime drive me bonkers.
When I find a good book I like, it's my excuse to take lots of bubble baths. If you liked the book or movie 'Gone Girl', read 'The Kind Worth Killing'. Holy moly was it good. Sick and twisted, but so good!
Our cable was out for like 6 years one weekend (yeah, I know... no sense). Frozen on the Kindle saved the days!
We celebrated my dads birthday (on January 13th... I'M SO FAR BEHIND!!).
And I said 'goodbye' to the desk I called home for almost 5 years.
& I also had a photoshoot in my living room because... no cable & knee high socks.

And as much as I hate to say it, this is only the first batch of catchup photos to get to. Are you guys sick of me yet? I promise I'll come back with more riveting material at some point.


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