Ice for Two, please!

I don't even really want to tell this story, because it's just embarrassing. It's almost so much, that you would think I was making it up. But I can assure you, I am not.

I've mentioned it briefly (or not so briefly, it's been like 5 times now, but whatever) that I hurt my right knee after falling off of one of those hover board things. And before you judge me, I was really good on the board. I have good balance (thank you dance) and I hadn't even come close to spilling prior to this. But one night at my parents house, I got on it wearing fuzzy socks (you can judge me for that), stepped off the back of it instead of the front and boom! goes the Jenn. Fairly certain I had my first concussion that night, had a bruise in the shape of my iPhone( that was in my back pocket) on my butt (which didn't shatter, thank you ass cushion) and jerked my knee somehow, trying to keep myself from falling on my back, which failed.

In the weeks after that, my knee hurt, but it was manageable. Fast forward to my trip to Georgia in January. We got stuck on the mountain after an unfortunate ice incident, and while carrying Abigail, I fell again, on my back, twisting my knee again trying to keep myself from falling on my back, which you guessed it, failed again.

And I know what you're thinking, 'Jenn, you're really clumsy' and to that I would say, 'you my friend, couldn't be more correct'.

After falling on the ice, I had many days where I could barley walk and days where I had too actually lift my leg up with my hands to move it. So I went to my chiropractor who sent me for an MRI. The MRI came back with a bunch of technical words, but my knee was slightly torn jacked up. And I needed to make an appointment with an Orthopedic.

Since then, which was a mere 72 hours ago, my father jumped out from behind a wall and scared the ever living piss out of me (almost literally) to which I collapsed on the floor into the fetal position, twisting my knee on the way down, causing immense pain from my hip to my ankle for the rest of the night. AND THEN (yes, there's more) while working today, I quickly lifted my legs from under my desk to sit on them, because I'm a child, expect I did it like I was a damn maniac and hit my kneecap so bad that I couldn't breath. Cold sweats, panting for air, couldn't even cry I was in so much pain. The upside, you ask? It was my left knee!

That brings me to right now, laying on my couch with two bags of ice on both of my knees, wondering how I've managed to survice almost 30 years of exisitance and not land in a full body cast.

I'm doing ok guys, I promise.

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