Life Lately - Birthday & Mothers Day Edition

Let me start by saying, blog motivation has been LOW. Lower than Flo-Rida singing about Shawties apple bottom jeans. Well, not even just blog stuff, I've been having trouble finding motivation to get anything done lately. Life has been busy and stressful and exhausting, but I wanted to pop back in to try and knock a few posts out about what's been going on. Maybe I'll get caught back up and want to keep up with it again? Maybe not... we'll see.. But for now, here is a look at life over the course of the beginning of May.

My birthday was on the 7th of this month, and I turned the big 3 0! We had a jam packed two weeks full of things to do and it started with my last happy hour in my twenties ;) I went out with my sister for drinks and rang in my birthday with shots & friends at midnight.
^last selfie in my 20's. Had to ;)

I woke up the next day on my birthday with a slight hangover, but knew I had to rally in order to survive the rest of the day, so we spent some time at the pool to sweat things out.

Later that night, we had a wedding to go to. We danced and ate the night away and had lots of birthday drinks :)

The following day was Mothers day (are you tired from reading yet? Because at this point, I was exhausted!). Billy had to work all day, but we were able to squeeze in a family breakfast together before he headed out for the day. We spent the rest of the day at my parents house, laying by the pool.
Love that this girl made me a mama!

Wednesday of that same week, was Abigail's 3rd birthday (& my momma's birthday as well!) AND her preschool graduation at school. We celebrated her birthday by bringing donuts to her class for breakfast and I went home to bake cupcakes for both the birthday girls to enjoy later that night.

We didn't really know what to expect from her school presentation, since her holiday one was kind of a mess 6 months ago. But while she didn't do much singing, she DID stay in her seat the whole time and didn't cry once, so we are considering it a win!

She was so spoiled this year. Her current obsession is The Little Mermaid so my family made sure she was completely decked out in Ariel gear. She was so happy!

Billy and I ended up getting her a Polaroid camera. She loves pretending to take photos with anything that looks like a camera/phone and telling everyone to 'say cheeeeeese!' so we thought she would love it. And she definitely did (once we told her what it actually was, ha!).
My parents also got her a fish! We named him Artie and she loves him so much (& loves taking pictures of him). She's responsible for feeding him everyday and loves to wake up everyday and walk over to his bowl and yell 'Good Morning Artie!'.

So, we are kind of caught up now, but there's still a ways to go, including a full 'Abigail is THREE, recap'. So stay tuned for that ;)

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