Abigail's Back to School Photos 2016

Abigail started Pre-K3 in August and with that comes her back to school photos. Her school brings in a photographer for a number of special occasions, and while we used to take advantage of pretty much all of them, we went last year with only getting her back to school photos done. So when they offered them again this year, we couldn't fill out the order form fast enough, mostly because she wears a uniform now and it's so cute my heart hurts when she wears it! 

I know this is probably more pictures than you ever wanted to see of a kid that you didn't give birth to, so if you don't make it to the end, I get it ;) 

And to see her pictures from her previous shoots (like from when she was a little bitty baby!!) I've listed them below! 

My very favorite - this is totally her personality in a photo!

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