Life Lately

Ahh, it's been a while... Let's catch up! 

I have three posts ready to go up on the blog this week, so get ready for Huff family overload. It's been busy around here with work, school, the house and of course the hurricane we went through this week - so, lot's to catch up on! 

I waited until the actual first day of Fall to bring out all of my pumpkins, which was a small miracle. Give me all the holidaysss! 

We spend a lot of our Saturday's at the baseball fields watching my nephew play. On this particular Saturday, Abigail experienced her first bee sting, so that was fun. She actually took it better than me, since I couldn't stop constantly checking her to make sure she wasn't allergic. 

Sometimes I go into her room to wake her up from her nap (only when I have a death wish... or have some place to be) and I find her in positions that take me back to when she was an infant. Except now she has giant feet. 

Last weekend, Billy & I flew to Virginia for one of Billy's best friends weddings. He was a groomsman, so the weekend was jam packed with wedding festivities. It was such a pretty wedding and we had so much fun. We were so happy to be able to be there to celebrate! 

Because it was such a quick trip, we left Abigail at home with my parents. And then they took her to Disney because... grandparents. She had so much fun with them but was completely tuckered out by the end. When we got home from the airport Sunday night, we walked into my parents house and found her in their bed, passed out in her brand new Anna princess dress and Rapunzel doll. Missed her so much! 

Be back soon with more! 

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