Ferris Wheels, Dance Parties & Shots. -- Life Lately.

We've been trying to fit all the things into our days lately and it has been oh so fun! 
Here's a look at what's been going on...

Her room always ends up being my favorite. I love sneaking in before she is up from her nap and crawling into bed with her to cuddle. I love that she still sleeps in footie PJ's and typically only asks for them when she's extra tired because they make her feel 'nice and cozy'. And I love that on this day, before she went down for her nap, she told me that I was her best friend. 

With Billy switching jobs a couple month back, the schedule we came to become quite used to and fond of was uprooted and we've had to adjust to him working different hours. On this day, that meant driving the 45 minutes to Orlando's I-Drive to go spend some time with him at his store. It was a Sunday and it was absolutely beautiful out so after Abigail and I had lunch with him, her and I found some ice cream and hung out in the grassy courtyard in front of the Orlando Eye. We ended up staying there people watching, Ferris wheel watching and dancing for almost two hours. I hope she remembers this day when she's older because it was one of my favorites. 

She love, love, lovesss practicing her dancing (our neighbors probably don't though). I mean, look at that form! ;) 

I posted this on my Facebook but wanted to share it here too because I think it's so funny. Last weekend, my family decided to go through my parents garage. We all got to take home lots of pretty collectibles for our houses, but some of the most cherished things I took home were things from my childhood. My mom kept a lot of my school work (including all the A++ report cards ;) ) and while sifting through the box, I found this: 
I had it all figured out, guys. #nosmoking
When Billy saw this he said 'I love that you can feel your anxiety coming through the page with all of your under control and nice and neat comments'. HA!

Abigail brought home a new pair of bongos from the clean out! 

We made cupcakes for a week of good behavior at school! Billy taught Abigail how to crack an egg and i taught her how to lick the beaters ;) 

Target Holiday clearance might actually be more thrilling than the actual holiday. I scored this Monkey suit for $2! Not pictured: a $2 Olaf costume and loads of decorations for next year for next to nothing! 

You know you're in your 30's when you're no longer taking shots at the club at 1am, but taking wheatgrass shots at the Saturday morning Farmer's Market together. 

That's life lately!
We took Abigail to get her very first haircut yesterday! I thought that deserved a post to itself because I took about 287 pictures and possibly shed a tear.
And yes, if you're doing the math, that's three and a half years without a haircut. Judge away! 

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  1. Emily will be 4 in A week and still hasn't had her 1st haircut. We are doing it on her birthday lol no judgement here!