I have another exciting post from for you guys today and this time, it includes prescription glasses! 
As a refresher, offers eyeglasses online for anyone looking to update their look. If you remember, I received a pair of sunglasses a couple of weeks ago and absolutely love them! 
This time, I opted for prescription glasses that I would be able to wear everyday. I knew the general style I wanted to go with and am very, very happy with how they turned out. 
They showed up in a nice case with an extra large cleaning cloth. They are durable, stylish and fit nicely. I do have to get them adjusted around the nose though; this style is a bit tight, but I feel like that would vary from person to person depending on the shape of your nose, so it may not be like that for everyone :)  

After I received these glasses, I actually went on their website and ordered this exact pair of glasses, in prescription sunglasses and can't wait for them to get here! 

Remember, if you want to purchase your own pair, use code GSHOT50 at checkout for 50% off! 

**While the glasses in this post were given to me at no cost, all opinions are my own. & the prescription sunglasses on the way to me were purchased on my own, so you know they're good ;) 

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