Our Halloween 2016

Posting about our Halloween only 8 days after the actual day, not bad guys. Not bad at all. Since so many of you are probably so interested (insert sarcastic eye roll here) we'll keep things niiiiice and short. 

Abigail wanted to be a witch for Halloween this year. We settled on a 'good' witch. We got super creative with her costume and went to Walmart and bought one straight from the package. DIY goals, ya'll! I did add an extra tutu underneath to add a little more volume, though. 

Halloween started the Saturday before, for us, with a Spooktacular in the park. Bounce houses, trick or treating, fire trucks; Abigail had the best time! 

On Monday (Halloween) at school Abigail had a parade, fall festival & trunk or treat to go to! After we finished up all the school activities, we headed to dinner with friends and went straight to my sisters neighborhood to go trick or treating. 

Halloween is such a busy holiday when you're a parent. We crashed hard that night (and are possibly still recovering) but seeing how happy Abigail was, running (or being pulled in a wagon by her Uncle - Hey Joe! You're still THE. BEST.) makes it all worth it! 

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