Hospitals, 911 calls &panic attacks - oh, my!

If you follow me on Facebook, you pretty much know the story, but figured I'd chat about why I was in the hospital and how I'm dealing with Abigail being back at school after Friday's scare. 

To get you up to speed, Tuesday of last week I woke up at 3am with a really bad pain in my stomach. I tried to fall back asleep but 4 hours later, when it still hadn't subsided at all (gotten worse actually) I told Billy I might need to go to the hospital. It was in the upper, left section of my stomach, a pain I hadn't ever felt before and figured it could be something serious. I usually talk myself out of going to the doctor or hospital when I'm in pain, telling myself that it will pass or it's not that big of a deal, but while we were trying to get Abigail ready for school and I was just pacing back and forth in the living room and then threw up (from the pain, I think), I knew I actually needed to go. I was in the ER for a couple of hours, got a CT scan that came back clear, aside from some cysts on my liver and ovaries that the doctor didn't seem too concerned about, but I was still in unbearable pain. They decided to admit me for a 24 hour observation period to see if things worsened or got better. I spent most of the day in and out of a morphine sleep and having doctors in and out of the room asking how I was feeling. After Billy picked Abigail up from school and dropped her off at my parents house he came back up to the hospital to sit with me until I fell asleep. I was starting to feel a little bit better, but around 6pm I started to feel really, really nauseous. They gave me two doses of Zofran, which didn't help me and by 7pm I was throwing up again.... a lot. Of course this didn't make my stomach pain feel any better, so they gave me stronger anti-nausea medicine which also made me incredibly drowsy. I ended up falling asleep around 8pm and only woke up twice the whole night... which is a small miracle, since my IV was incredibly uncomfortable. Wednesday morning, my pain had gone away enough for the doctors to feel comfortable with me being discharged, but had orders of taking it easy, which I did. I didn't feel 100% until probably Saturday, but am glad it didn't turn out to be anything serious. So... I guess long story short, I have no idea what happened. 
I chose to post the non-IV photo, for all you queasy people out there :) 

Fast forward to this past Friday which turned out to be the scariest day of my life. I was at home, finishing up getting ready to go pick Abigail up from school and take her to our local 'Holiday in the Park' to go see Santa and all the Christmas lights when my phone rang. It was her school and I picked it up right away. I get calls about once every two weeks; 'Abigail fell and skinned her knee, she's fine but we wanted to let you know.' or 'Abigail and a friend were dancing and ran into each other, again totally fine.' but this call was different. The teacher on the other end started saying 'We want you to try and stay calm, we don't have all the details yet, but Abigail fell unconscious and we had to call 911. We need you to get here'. I dropped everything I was doing and frantically ran out the door. I texted Billy '911', who was at work and called my parents, who live closer to the school than I do and told them to meet me up there. I've never driven faster or more reckless in my life and the 10 minute drive to get there was the absolute worst drive I've ever had to make. 
When I got to the school and saw the ambulance out front, knowing it was for my baby... I wouldn't wish that feeling on my worst enemy. I parked my car (in what I'm pretty sure was two spots) and ran as fast as I could into the school. I ran past three paramedics, a stretcher, my parents and a bunch of teachers and went straight to Abigail who was sitting in a chair, eyes open, talking to my mom and dad. I grabbed her, squeezed her and tried to catch my breath. She seemed out of it, but okay. I was hyperventilating so bad, I had a paramedic rubbing my back, telling me that everything was going to be OK  - which I knew was correct when I asked Abigail what she was going to ask Santa for, for Christmas and she said 'a dollhouse!' :) 
Apparently, Abigail was climbing the monkey bars (her favorite) and her hands slipped and she fell on her back, hard. She had the wind knocked out of her and at some point hit her head and when she stood up (and couldn't breathe) she fell limp and passed out into her teachers arms. 
The paramedics  thought she was feeling good enough to not have to be transported to the hospital, but to watch her closely for the night to make sure things didn't change. 
We ended up back at my parents house that night where I don't think I let her out of my arms the whole night. She never showed signs of a concussion and carried on the next day completely fine. We are so, so grateful that things worked the best way possible. 

Unfortunately, since all of this happened, I've been having a bit of a tough time. Every time I close my eyes, I see Abigail falling or passing out into someone's arms (and I wasn't even there to witness it) and on Saturday, I left her at home with Billy for 30 minutes and had a panic attack in the middle of Target. I was walking down the aisles and noticed I was having a harder time trying to catch my breath. I decided to wrap it up and head home and every minute that I was away was excruciating. I walked through our door and collapsed on our floor and cried more than I'd like to admit. I held Abigail for the rest of the day and didn't let her out of my sight for the rest of the weekend. We sent her back to school on Monday and I did okay... She had dance class and practice for her Holiday performance so keeping her home wasn't an option. I ended up watching her on the cameras all day and then picked her up early, around 4pm. 
Today, I'm doing better. 

It was an exhausting, emotional week for all of us, but we are all very thankful to all be on the mend! 

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