Eating, Running & Getting Tattooed - LDW in Savannah!

Abigail & I tagged along on a trip to Savannah with my family and cousins family for Labor Day Weekend. It was so much fun to just relax, walk the city and pack our days with whatever we felt like! 
We arrived late Friday night and even though it was 2 hour past Abigail's bed time, we found ourselves in a candy store, waiting for a table at Vinnie Van Go Go's for pizza. After we were done, we bee lined it back to the Oglethorpe Lodge, where we were staying to get some sleep. 
If you are going to Savannah, I can not recommend the lodge enough. It was such a perfect little house for 3 days, a quick walk to River St. and central to everything. The owner was so, so nice (as you'll see below) and the accommodations were excellent.  

We woke up the next day nice and early. I took to the river to get a quick 3.5 mile run in before we got on with the day's activities. We all went and bought tickets to ride the trolley around the city for the afternoon, found ourselves at a restaurant that would accommodate our group of 9, back on the trolley, more walking and then finally back to the lodge to rest before dinner. We ended up settling on a Japanese restaurant that was super yummy for dinner that night. My dad was nice enough to take Abigail back to the lodge to get a bath and down for the night, since she was falling asleep at dinner. The rest of us went to the City Market for a bit of shopping and some drinks before settling in with some catchphrase before bed. 

Whoops! I almost forgot about the most exciting part of Saturday! After we got off the trolley, we were walking through the City Market and saw a tattoo shop open. We popped in and asked if they had any available time to do something small for me. I have been wanting to get a tattoo on my ribs for a while now and haven't. Turns out, the guy only had one hour available between appointments to fit me in (don't worry, I researched, read reviews, asked questions and got an overall good vibe from the place). The tattoo took all of about 10 minutes and I LOVE the way it turned out! 
(Abigail's birthday in roman numerals)

The next day, Sunday was another early one. I woke up and went for another 3 mile run around the river and then got ready for the day. We walked around River Street to do a littler shopping and then ended up making a last minute plan to go on a walking tour, hosted by the wonderful man who runs the Oglethorpe Lodge. He took us to each square around Savannah, explaining the history and a couple of ghost stories. 
This is the moment Abigail declared she was 'having a rough day' and didn't want any more pictures taken. Love her to pieces! She was a trooper on this trip - lots of walking, little sleeping. 

Later that night, we had reservations to take the Savannah Slow Ride out (the 16 person bike that takes you to different bars). We didn't have the best experience, which had nothing to do with the actual company/driver and more to do with who we were paired with, so I'll spare the details. After our two hour ride (that our group of 6 got a SERIOUS workout on), I turned in, back to the lodge to put Abigail to bed (she stayed back with my cousin....second cousin.. I don't know - Lexi, what are you to me?? LOL) and ordered some TOGO fish tacos from the restaurant next door. I put on PJ's and watched SVU until everyone else got home later that night. 

After another run, this time around Forsyth Park, we packed up and made the 4 hour drive home - which I thankfully slept through most of. 

We were so happy to come home and see Billy, who had to stay back because of work; and even though we thought we would be leaving for a cruise on Saturday (it's officially been cancelled), we are thankful to be staying put and safe and with Abigail while this hurricane decides where it's going to hit. 

Hope everyone stays safe and dry over the next couple of days! 


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