The Move - Orlando to Charlotte!

Should we just skip the whole 'hey Jenn, you haven't posted anything in seven months' elephant in the room and just move on? Perfect. :)

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook then you probably already know that our little family has made a very big MOVE! It may have come as a shock to some people, and not to a lot, but I figured I would come here and explain our why a little bit more and give a little update on how things are going! This isn't going to be a super long post, BUT I do have BIG intentions of bringing the blog back and posting a couple times a week. Come back soon to see it go through a total face-lift!

Backtracking a bit; ever since Billy and I met and started dating, we were pretty clear on a couple of things, and one of them was that we wouldn't live in Florida forever. He is from Virginia, which is where his family lives and I just never had any intention of staying put in the sunshine state. North Carolina was always on the top of our list as 'some day' plans.
Fast forward a lot of years (ELEVEN on Thursday, holy cow!), my parents were moving! To North Carolina! When they told us, I think I gave Billy a look and we both knew pretty much instantly that we were going to be right behind them.

The more we thought about it, the trickier things started to get. We just built a house and hadn't even lived in it for a year, we were worried about losing money on it. We had jobs to consider and most importantly our family and friends that we would be leaving behind.

We spoke to a realtor and quickly realized that selling our house wasn't going to be an issue, at all. So we put it up for sale and it was sold 4 days later (sounds quick and painless, but it wasn't - dogs, a kid on spring break, a husband traveling for work and not home to help - they were 4 very long days). Billy's company has been so, SO accommodating, when they didn't need to be and offered to transfer him to one of their Charlotte locations, which we are incredibly grateful for. I work from home (I had SO many questions about this so I am going to dedicate a whole post to it soon) so, my location isn't really an issue.

Leaving our friends and family was definitely the hardest part of our decision, but FaceTime and cheap flights to FL are a beautiful thing ;)

Abigail and I made the drive up a little over a week ago and Billy has been in Atlantic City to train for work for a couple of weeks now. We will meet back up in Florida this weekend to close on our house, rent a Uhaul, drive it, our second car and two dogs up north and then Billy flies back out a day later to NJ for another 4 weeks of training. To say we are very much looking forward to being in the same state together, would be a big understatement. He has been traveling for work since January and I think I've only seen him like 3 weeks of this entire year.

As for how things are going so far here in Charlotte, they are good! We are staying with my parents until we find a property we fall in love with (and when Billy actually lives here), but aside from them, we don't know anyone here. Having to use Maps to get to Target or a gas station, finding Abigail a school, pediatrician, summer camps... is a bit overwhelming, but we are making it all work!

So the moral of the story kids -- if you get an opportunity to do something that seems scary, a little crazy and a lot exciting -- DO IT! Life is short.. Here for a good time, not a long time, right?! ;)

Some of my favorite photos from our short time at the house:

My all time favorite photo that I will print an frame at some point :) 

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