Easter 2019

Easter was so fun this year! I swear every year I say 'this is my favorite age' but my goodness, this is my FAVORITE age!

Without my whole family is Charlotte (just my parents), the Easter activites were a lot smaller than past years, but we made the most of it and best of all, Abigail had a blast! 

I threw my bunny ears on the night before and got busy putting together Abigail's basket of goodies and filling eggs. I knew she was going to get a ton of candy, so we decided to fill the eggs with everything BUT candy :) I loaded up on hair bows, dollar bills, stickers, bracelets and chap sticks and they were a hit. 

Before Abigail went to bed we went outside and 'planted' jellybeans in the yard with hopes that they would grow into eggs overnight... and they did! Imagine that ;) 
When Abigail woke up, she was so excited to see the eggs and even more excited when she realized they were real eggs, fill with confetti..... that are still all over our yard. 

Billy was able to make us a huge, HUGE breakfast before he had to head off to work. Abigail LOVES helping in the kitchen.. which really works out for me. Hoping pretty soon here I'll never have to step in the kitchen again. Life. Goals. 

I was in charge of drinks and donuts... 

And Billy was in charge of all of this... homemade sausage, homemade biscuits, homemade gravy.. I'm hungry again. 

I had so much fun hiding the eggs around the house this year. This is our first Easter in the new house which makes it so fun to discover all the hiding spots... like in the cat food :) 

She insisted on throwing on her best outfit before heading to my parents house for dinner.
 And then we ate too much and got too full to take any more pictures of our day. 

Hope you all had a wonderful day! 

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